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  Friday, 26 Dec 2014  

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MHLG CLIENT'S CHARTER ACHIEVEMENT FOR JANUARY 2012: The list of MHLG Client's Charter Achievement for January 2012

MHLG achievement for January 2012 

Online Services Transactions Provided By MHLG: The number of online services transactions will be updated monthly

Transaction January 2011 | more (in B. Malaysia) 

ATTENTION: Information on "Projek Lewat & Sakit" until 30th June 2011 by Private Housing Monitoring Division, National Housing Department (JPN) is now available (in B. Malaysia):

Complete list 

TENDER & QUOTATIONS ANNOUCEMENT: MHLG is now offering new tender and quotations all over Malaysia. Please browse through our quotations webpage by clicking the link below

Tenders | Quotations (in B.Malaysia) 

ATTENTION: The list of Abandoned Housing Projects until 31st December 2011 by National Housing Department (JPN) is now available:

Notice for JPN Valid Abandoned Private Housing Buyer (in B. Malaysia)
Letter of confirmation on Abandoned Housing Projects (in B. Malaysia)
 32 Projects that have been removed from the Abandoned List (in B. Malaysia)
 62 Projects in revival process by the Actual Developer / Rescuer / SPNB (in B. Malaysia)
 22 Abandoned Housing Projects that being placed in the Restoration Plan (in B. Malaysia)
Definition and Contact Person


Annoucement letter to all developers regarding the new
   7f Report
Dates for submitting the new 7f report
Guidelines on Filling Application Form for Housing 
   Developer License, Advertisement & Sale Permit and 7F 
   Report ONLINE
Online Housing Application
NOTE: For new users, please register as "Business User"
Housing Developer Application
NOTE: There are 6 applications here. Please type "KPKT" as the keyword and for new users, please Register as "Business/Company"
› Moneylenders and Pawnbrokers (eMAPS)
Private Housing (e-HOME Portal)
Sistem Pendaftaran Terbuka (SPT)
Skim Pinjaman Perumahan (SPP)
Tribunal Tuntutan Pembeli Rumah (TTPR)
Complaint and Feedback
One Stop Centre (OSC) Portal
Payment Through Internet Banking

more services

›  Latest Selected MHLG Statistic Report
 List of Blacklisted Devolopers
› Surf the MHLG's Web Mobile ver. 4.0
› MHLG mySMS 15888:
   | List of MHLG SMS | More details |

› Housing Ceremony at Taman Kerisi, Rasah
  & Seremban, 5th January 2012
 Malaysia Government Portals & Websites
  Assessment 2011 Award Ceremony,
  1st December 2011, PICC Putrajaya

Go to Gallery to view more MHLG's activities s

›  Video streaming the Launching of World
   Habitat Day Celebration, 3rd October
   2011, PICC Putrajaya
›  Video streaming, the launching of
   KPKT Innovation Day Celebration
   on 1st December 2011 at Putrajaya

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